Mid September kayak fishing trip

My fishing buddy & I left on an early morning trip to fish some marshes along the ICW in Beaufort. The fishing was slow until the dropping tide. We then moved to a creek mouth and met success catching 6 flounder & 7 slot size red drum. My friend who was fishing from a sit on top style kayak periodically had to beach his kayak to stretch his legs. Not necessary for me in my Wavewalk Kayak! Great morning in a beautiful place!





This is how I have rigged my kayak for fishing trips

This is the typical gear I bring on a Wavewalk Kayak fishing trip. Fish Bag, tackle & dry bags, drift sock & anchor box, bailer & cast net box. The second picture shows my transport wheel for easy movement at home & at the fishing site. In the third picture it shows how all that gear stows away and the cast net box secures to the bow. Most importantly, the 3 fishing rods!

Typical gear I bring on fishing trip
Typical gear I bring on fishing trip

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Fishing in the Morehead City marshes last Friday

The marshes around here offer great opportunities for kayak fishermen.
I can fish standing in my Wavewalk kayak for hours, without even having to think that I’m in a kayak. There is no effort involved.

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